Arizona SEO Agency Urges Businesses to Embrace Online Marketing During COVID-19


    Growing Your Business Online

    With the widespread pandemic of COVID-19 and the uncertainty of public events and gatherings, its a great time to reassess your marketing approach and increase your exposure online. There are unlimited ways to accomplish this with the digital world we live in. Remember the plans to start posting more on social media, the video interview with a colleague, and asking for reviews from customers? These are just a few things that can be implemented while “social distancing”.

    Somo SEO, a digital marketing company based in Arizona, has been reaching out to business owners to discuss what can be done “right now” to improve their online marketing. The purpose of this article is to outline the key takeaways from just one of those conversations.

    Business owner Dustin Baker of Assisted Living Locators East Valley is the top producer of a national franchise that helps seniors and their families find independent living, assisted living, and memory care. While Dustin has strong personal relationships in the community he also understands the importance of a positive online presence. Utilizing social media through posting and using video, he shares new and relevant information to his virtual audience.

    “After a lengthy discussion with Dustin, we offered to assist with his campaign. By maximizing the exposure of content he’s already creating we can increase his engagement. We also felt it would be good to share some of these ideas as a model for other businesses,” says Isreal Young, co-owner of Somo SEO.

    Here are some of the ideas discussed with Dustin that may be useful to other business owners as well.

    Ask for Reviews and Testimonials

    Most businesses have past clients and colleagues that they have helped with a product or service. It is time to ask them for a review or testimonial. There are many types, so be creative.

    • Written reviews via on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc
    • Video Testimonials using a mobile phone or laptop
    • Email recommendations and introductions

    Maximizing a Social Media Post

    One good piece of content with at least one photo and a video can be chopped into smaller segments to post on multiple social media platforms. Each segment can then drive traffic right back to your website or landing page.

    Leverage Your Content

    Record a Video or Series of Short Videos

    There are a few ways to create and use video. Whether going “live” on social media or recording a video and editing it. Here are some ideas to get started.

    • Introduce yourself and what product or service you offer
    • Interview with a colleague to provide a new perspective on a current topic.
    • Be a go-to resource for your industry with relevant updates


    Write a Press Release

    Writing a press release does not have to be difficult. In fact, the format is a simple process of organizing the information you want to share. For more information, please read How to Write An SEO Press Release. If you decide not to write your own press release, remember that others may not be able to convey your message effectively. In this case, you might end up wasting valuable time and money and end up re-writing it yourself anyway.
    Once a press release is written and edited, you have a couple of options to get it out there.
    First, you can send it to local news sources and hope they pick up the story. This can be great since it may not only get published online but may get extra media attention locally. The downside is this can take a long time and may never get published at all. Also, they may rewrite the content so you may lose control of the message and the accuracy.
    The second option, also the easiest, is to have your Press Release distributed through online news and media channels nationwide. It will allow you to have more control and include links to your website and social media. This is the most beneficial approach from an SEO standpoint due to the reach and number of sites it links to. Front Page Generator is a website created by Somo SEO just for the purpose of gaining this type of online exposure.
    SEO Press Releases

    Be Creative

    The fact is things have changed for society and business. Even when the COVID pandemic ceases, it may never be the same again. Taking control of your online marketing is a great investment of both time and money. With websites easier to build than ever before, software available to manage reviews, and the power of social media and press releases the options are unlimited. It’s time to be creative!

    “At Somo SEO we believe in helping small businesses succeed. The best way we can do that right now without risking anyone’s health is through online marketing,” says Rachelle Haviland Young, co-owner of SomoSEO.