Arizona Sleep Clinic Utilizing Telemedicine Reaches One-Year Milestone


    SleepWerx One-Year Milestone

    SleepWerx of Mesa, Arizona has just passed its one-year mark since opening April 15, 2019. They are excited to share their experiences as the first nurse practitioner owned and managed sleep clinic in Arizona. Patients come first in their world. They provide high-quality sleep and wellness services for individual patients and corporate clients throughout Arizona.

    Why People Choose SleepWerx

    SleepWerx was founded to raise awareness, complete screenings, and provide proven therapies to help our patients manage obstructive sleep apnea and other ongoing sleep problems. People are busy, and most people prefer convenient, less-expensive sleep testing in the comfort of their homes. SleepWerx offers convenient in-home sleep testing.
    Arizona residents prefer SleepWerx because they listen to and help patients identify their sleep problems and treatment
    options that will work for them as an individual. People also choose them because they have 5-star ratings across the board.

    SleepWerx has openings for the same day or next day appointments either in office or via a virtual forum.

    Man snoring and keeping spouse awake

    Community Screening

    Their community screening program kicked off in November of 2019 when they did community sleep screenings at mobile home communities in the East Valley of Phoenix AZ. People enjoyed stopping by the booth and telling them about their sleep problems and their experiences in larger clinics. One focal point in their business plan is to serve rural towns where people have limited or no access to sleep professionals. They have partnered with a large family clinic in Globe, AZ for their first rural presence. As they were about to start seeing patients in Globe, the COVID-19 pandemic hit Arizona. This pushed SleepWerx to take a step back and re-evaluate their services, as they saw sleep drop in importance throughout their communities.

    Open to Arizona Residents During COVID-19

    For the past month, they have been working hard to keep their office open for patients. Many have enjoyed the
    telemedicine experience, and some choose to be seen in the office. SleepWerx is happy to work with patients in whatever mode
    they feel comfortable. They are so excited to have survived their first year as a newly formed business in healthcare.
    Watch for exciting developments over the next few months. Personalized patient care is what sets SleepWerx apart.
    Whether visiting their Mesa AZ location or utilize their telemedicine services, the care is excellent. Their expert sleep specialists and caring clinical staff will provide you with an exceptional health care experience.
    Telemedicine appointment

    SleepWerx is a sleep and wellness clinic in Mesa, AZ. They focus on the patient, their experiences with sleep, and treatment for their sleep disorders. Telemedicine services are available through Arizona.


    For more information about the sleep and wellness services in Arizona, visit the SleepWerx website at or contact the service provider by phone at 1 (480) 222-6434. SleepWerx can also be reached by email at