Mobile Notary Service to Offer Remote Notarization Services Starting July 2020


    With the COVID-19 pandemic altering the way society operates, AZ Docs announces that it will be adding remote notarization to its mobile notary services. The state of Arizona has enacted a remote notarization law that will take effect on July 1, 2020; therefore, beginning July 1, 2020, AZ Docs will be offering remote notarization in Arizona.

    AZ Docs provides convenient mobile notary services in Tucson. The notary meets the client at a convenient location of his or her choice in order to notarize a range of documents and types. With the outbreak of COVID-19 and the implementation of social distancing protocols, this notarization method is less desirable. By adding the new remote notarization service coming in July, AZ Docs is excited to be able to continue serving clients with a process that is safer and more convenient.

    Remote notarization is not the same as electronic notarization. The National Notary Association states, “Many people confuse electronic notarization with remote notarization, believing they are the same. They are not. Electronic notarization, or eNotarization, involves documents that are notarized in electronic form, and the Notary and document signer sign with an electronic signature. But all other elements of a traditional, paper notarization apply to electronic notarization, including the requirement for the signer to physically appear before the Notary. The confusion arises from the fact that Webcam notarizations typically involve digital documents that are signed and notarized electronically. However, they go a step further in that the transaction is conducted online rather than in person.”

    COVID-19 has compelled many states to take action and pass remote notarization laws. According to the National Notary Association, “Currently, 23 states have passed remote notarization laws. Out of those states, 17 have laws that are in effect as of January 1, 2020.” These 23 states include Virginia, Texas, Nevada, Minnesota, Montana, Ohio, Tennessee, Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Utah, South Dakota, North Dakota, Indiana, Michigan, Vermont, Wisconsin, Arizona, Iowa, Maryland, Nebraska, and Washington.

    AZ Docs provides mobile notary and document services for non-lawyer residents in their own legal actions. Representatives of AZ Docs are not lawyers, are not employed by a lawyer, cannot give any legal advice, and are not acting as an attorney. AZ Docs offers no legal advice, recommendations, mediation, or counseling under any circumstance. AZ Docs cannot and will not give specific advice, opinions, or recommendations about legal rights, remedies, defenses, or strategies.


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